Corporate-owned with work profile (COPE) with Intune

The Corporate-owned with work profile management scenario is the latest addition for Android enrollment options in Intune. Using this profile you can enable personal use on Corporate-owned Android devices. At… Read more »

Federated Authentication with Apple Business Manager

In this post I will be showing how to configure federated authentication with Apple Business Manager. In September 2019 Apple added support for Federated Authentication with Microsoft Azure Active Directory… Read more »

Create Security Baselines

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Create Security Baselines to improve security of devices and protect users. Security baselines  are sets of recommended settings which created and maintained by Microsoft. In the beginning of 2019 Security… Read more »

Add devices in Apple Business Manager with Intune

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To add devices in Apple Business Manager there are a two options. You can either purchase a device directly from Apple or from a participating Apple Authorised Reseller and they… Read more »