How to remove apps from Microsoft Store for Business (Intune)

Every environment needs some cleanup after a while. In the Microsoft Store for Business there will be applications which aren’t used anymore or added by accident. In this post I will show how to remove the app from the Store for Business. If you synchronise your Store for Business with Intune, the synchronised Intune apps will also be removed.

1. Login to the Microsoft Store for Business. Select Manage and go to the Billing history.


2. Look for the application you want to remove and press the “Order”


3. Press “…” under Actions and select “Refund”


4. In the Popup press “Refund”


5. The application has now been removed from the inventory and cannot be found in Products & Services anymore.



Sync Microsoft store for business with Intune to remove the application from the application overview.


5 thoughts on “How to remove apps from Microsoft Store for Business (Intune)

  1. PDR

    wow – that is laughingly bad but worked for me thanks! I hope the UX designer for the MS Store is now working as a car park attendant or something.

  2. Haider

    I wonder if removing an app from Microsoft Store for Business admin portal would also force the removal of it from user devices’ where it had been installed by users from the Microsoft Store on their device too?

    1. Aad Lutgert Post author

      Hi Haider,

      To remove an app from a device you need to create an app with uninstall assignment. Otherwise the app will remain on the device.

      regards, Aad


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