Autopilot Lab Part 5/5 – Deploy VM with Autopilot

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1. Configure the correct Region and press “Yes”


  2. Select the Keyboard Layout you are using and presss “Yes” 


  3. Press “Skip” to continue.


  4. Enter your emailadres and press “Next”.


  5. Enter your Password and press “Next”.


  6. Press “Set up PIN” to continue.


  7. Enter the verification code send to the enrolled user (step 4) and press “next”.


  8. Enter and reenter a pincode and press “OK”.


The machine is now configured using Autopilot.

To check the enrollment on the pc go to “Settings -> Accounts -> Access work or school”


Please let me know if you have questions or feedback.


2 thoughts on “Autopilot Lab Part 5/5 – Deploy VM with Autopilot

  1. Thomas

    Hi, first and foremost, thank you for the guide and it was very precise and clear.

    Can I check for Auto Pilot, is it possible to create your own custom ISO containing the applications before creating the deployment profile? I don’t really understand how Intune deployment profile is able to associate with the ISO unless it uses the default OS profile preloaded with the device?


    1. Aad Lutgert Post author

      Hi Thomas,

      It’s important to know Autopilot uses the installed Windows 10 on the device and is only an enrollment tool. To deploy images you will need a different tool. To deploy a custom ISO you can use MDT (, SCCM or a similar tool.

      What you can do is the following

      – Use MDT to deploy a Windows 10 image on a device or use the factory image already installed
      – Enroll the device with autopilot in Intune
      – Manage the device with Intune to deploy applications and configuration

      best regards,

      Aad Lutgert


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