How to get notified about Azure issues

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With Azure becoming more important for most organizations, there is also a need of being informed about any outages. With Service Health alerts you can configure in a few simple steps actions like: email alerts, push notifications, web hooks and automation runbooks which are executed when an alert is triggered. In this blog I will demonstrate how to configure a rule for a service health alert.


1.  Go to “All services” and search for “Service“. Select “Service Health” to view the Service Health overview.




2.  Select “Health alerts” and press “Create service health alert




3. Configure the “Alert Target”, here you need to configure your “subscription(s), Service(s), Region(s) and Event type” for which you want to receive alerts.


Tip: Prevent unnecessary alerts by only selecting the Services and Regions you are using for production purposes.




4.  Next step is to create an action group, this is a collection of actions which will be executed when an alert is triggered. Press “Create action group” to create an action group.




5.  In the Action group  the actions are configured which will be activated, when an alert is triggered. Configure the “Actions” and press “OK“.

For Example:

  • An email is send to an email-address
  • A Push notification is send to the auth.enticator app.
  • An Automation Runbook wil run to restart or shutdown a VM.

Tip: Inform people before creating an action group with email alert, they will receive an email when the group is created.




6.  Enter the Alert Details and press “Create alert rule” to create and enable the rule.




7.  The health alert is now configured and visible in the overview. In the overview you can also see if the Alert has been triggered (” Last Fired”).


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