Add “hidden” Apps to your Business Store

Last week I was troubleshooting an issue with the headphone jack on a Dell 5300/5500 series laptop. When you connected the headphone using the 3,5 mm jack the audio was still on the speakers. The solution was to install a store app called “Waves MaxxAudio Pro for Dell 2019”. To install this app you first need to download an exe file and after that you will be diverted to the following page to install the Store App:


Because I wanted to deploy this as an requered app with Intune, I needed to add the application to my Businessstore. So I tried to look it up “Waves MaxxAudio Pro for Dell 2019”  in the Microsoft Store for Business and got the error:  “No results were found”. I tried some other search options like Waves, MaxxAudio, but I couldn’t find the application. Because I wanted to deploy this application as required, I could not just add a Microsoft store app in Intune. When using this method applications can only be assigned as available.


I tried to search the internet, but I could not find any result on how to solve this. Then I saw that in the url of an Business store application the name and Store ID are used. So I tried to do the same with the Waves Maxxaudio application. I took the Name and Store ID


And add it to the bussinessstore url like this:

And that did the trick:

Hope this will help you.



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