How to recieve Microsoft 365 services health email notifications

In this post I show how to configure Microsoft 365 health email notifications. It’s very easy to configure and can save you a lot of time. The last few day I was testing some autopilot deployments and they keep failing. It took some time to find the cause and it turned out to be cause by a failing Microsoft service:

In the on-prem world you know it’s almost always an issue in your setup but in the Cloud it can also be a service hosted by a Vendor. You can find these issues in the service and health center in Intune or in the Microsoft 365 admin center, but there is a simple way to get notified about these kind of issues without checking Service health. It’s called “Service notifications in email”.

1.  Go to the Microsoft 365 admin center and select “Service Health” or click here

2.  Select Preferences

3.  Enter the email address where the notifications need to go (Max of 2 addresses), select the notification issues and the services you want to be notified about. Press “save” to get notifications in your emailbox.

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