Enroll an Android Enterprise device in Intune using a token or QR code

In this blog I will explain how to enroll an Android Enterprise in Intune using a token or QR code. Before you can test your Corporate-owned enrollment profile like dedicated, fully managed, or corporate-owned with work profile devices you need to enroll your Android Enterprise device (at least Android 6 or later). There are multiple ways to do this, but in this blog I will show how to use a token or QR code to perform this action.


1. The first step is to obtain the QR code or Token. This can be found in the Enrollment profile for Android in Intune. Go to “Devices” -> “Android”-> “Android Enrollment” or click here and select the profile you want to test.


2. The token for the fully managed device is displayed immediatly after selecting the profile. To view the token for the dedicated and corporate with work profile you first need to select the profile you want to use. This is an example of a dedicated device


3. To enroll your Android Test Device you first need to perform a Factory reset. After the reset start the device. On the Sign in page enter the code below instead of your google account and press “Next”.




4. The following page will appear, press “Accept & continue” -> “Next” and accept the “Google service terms”.


5. On the Enrol this device press “Next”.


6. Press “Allow” to use the camera to scan the QR Code or press “Enter code”.


7. Depending on the enrollment type the configuration will start (dedicated device) or you will need to login to start the enrollment (fully managed / corp-owned with work profile).

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