Plus sign gesture Samsung KDA

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The Knox deployment app can be used to enroll devices in Knox enrollment. This can be performed on devices which are already in use, but also for new devices which have not yet been enrolled by the vendor.  To enroll new devices with the Knox deployment app (KDA) you need to perform a plus sign (+) gesture on the welcome screen of a Samsung device. For non-native english people it may be unclear what is meant by “perform a plus sign (+) gesture”. It’s actually very simple; you need to draw a plus sign with your finger on the welcome screen. I’ve created a demonstration video which is embedded below:

As you can see in the video. After you draw a “plus” sign on the welcome screen, the Knox Deployment screen will be shown. Depending on the Android version you will see multiple options like “Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-FI Direct or QRcode” to be used in combination with the Knox Deployment App to enroll devices in Knox mobile enrollment. As you can see in the screenshot the QR code is missing and cannot be configured in the KDA. The QRcode is configured in Knox Mobile Enrollment. The QR code is only supported in Android 10 or higher.


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