Intune: iPhones with Unknown ownership

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A few months ago during an audit of Intune we found some iPhones with unknown ownership. The striking thing was that all these unknown devices were iphones. I couldn’t find an Android device with an unknown ownership.

This intrigued me because I could not find an explanation why some iPhones would appear with the ownership “Unknown” in the device overview of Intune. Except for these few device all the other (over 3000) devices had a correct “Personal” ownership. I decided to investigate what caused the unknown ownership. Because all the iPhones are User-owned iOS devices, I began testing the enrollment flow. After testing with the happy flow I didn’t find a cause, so I tried to introduce errors during the enrollment. I finally found the cause of what cause iPhones with Unknown ownership. During the installation of the Management profile user need to trust Remote Management, but if they press “Cancel” instead of “Trust” the device is not enrolled correctly, but the user was able to finish the setup without getting errors.

This issue has been resolved, if you now press “Cancel” instead of “Trust” you can still press “Yes, I’ve installed the profile” and continue setup.  But an additional check for the management profile has been added. You will get the following error “Profile not found” and need to retry.



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