Intune: VPP Error 0x87D13B92

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One of the errors which you might see when working with Intune and deploying VPP apps with user based licensing to iOS/iPadOS devices is “Error code: Error 0x87D13B92”.


This error occurs when the end user does not agree with the terms to assign apps and books and/or allow App and Book assignment.



When you are using User based licensing the user needs to be signed in with an unique apple id and consent that this Apple ID willl be used to allow installation of company assigned apps and books. To solve “Error code: Error 0x87D13B92” the end user needs to agree with the terms and/or allow App and Book assignment. The popup is triggered by requered apps but can also be triggered by installing an available App.



1 thought on “Intune: VPP Error 0x87D13B92

  1. Aurel

    Hello Aad,

    I have the same error, I understand what is stuck but I never receive a pop-up to accept the conditions. How can I force the pop-up to appear to accept these conditions?

    I tried to download an app from the Appstore (with a personal account connected to the Appstore then with a managed account. In both cases the app is downloaded correctly, but I am not notified to accept the conditions) .



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