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In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to enable Smart Switch using Intune on fully managed devices. With the use of Samsung Smart Switch you can easily transfer data to a new Samsung smartphone. By default, it is not possible to use Samsung Smart Switch on a fully managed android device in Intune. Although it is possible to use Smart Switch, it is worth noting that this tutorial is a workaround. Samsung indicates that Smart Switch is not designed for Enterprise environments.


Enabling Samsung Smart Switch

To enable Smart Switch on a fully managed Android Device you will need install Smart Switch on the device and allow Smart Switch to run on the device. Let’s start by installing Smart Switch.


1. Add the Samsung Smart Switch app by approving and syncing it in the Managed Google Play store.


2. Assign the app and wait for it to be installed on your device.


3. Now that the app is installed we need to make sure that the application is allowed to be used. If you start the app now you will get the message “Security policy restricts use of Smart Switch”. Press “Ok” to close Smart Switch.


4. To enable the “Allow SmartSwitch Run” option in the configuration you need to create an “App configuration policy”. Go to “Apps” and select “App configuration policies” or press here. Press “+ Add” and select “Managed devices”.


5. In the basics blade, enter a recognizable name, select the settings below. Press “Next” to continue.

Platform: Android Enterprise
Profile Type: Fully Managed, Dedicated, and Corporate-Owned Work Profile Only
Targeted app: Samsung Smart Switch Mobile


6. In the settings blade select “Use configuration designer” and press “+Add”


7. Select the “Allow SmartSwitch Run” configuration key and press “OK”


8. Allow Smart Switch to run by checking the box and press “Next” to continue.


9. If applicable add or change the scope tags and press “Next” to continue.


10. Assign the app configuration policy and press “Next” to continue.


11. Review the setting and press “Create” to create and assign the new app configuration policy.


12. Wait for the app config policy to be applied succesfully.


13. Now you are ready to test. Voila it works!

12 thoughts on “Enable Smart Switch using Intune

  1. OLS

    Very good post ! Tks, it’s working well.

    Just be careful to wait for Samsung Smart Switch Mobile to be installed on your device automaticilly : do not install it manually -> in this case, the transfert will be block.

    1. Mark

      How does Smart Switch get installed automatically? I have Smart Switch listed in my available apps for all users. Are you saying that by enabling this configuration policy it also installs the Smart Switch app?

      1. Aad Lutgert Post author

        Hi Mark,

        You need to install Smart Switch by adding approving it in the managed google store and assign it to the user with Intune. This is done in step 1 and 2. The App configuration policy only allows the installed app to run on a fully managed android device.

        regards, Aad

  2. Edwin Piercin

    Hey Aad,
    This was amazing what you did here. I wish I found this before I started my migration for Intune.
    This works without automatically pushing the app to the user so only the user that needed to install the Samsung switch app.

    Edwin PIercin

  3. Jason Graf

    Good morning,

    Thank you very much for this great tutorial. My God not even Microsoft could solve the problem for me. You were sent by heaven. Thank you very much again.

    Kind regards


    1. Eric W

      I was excited to find this post at the top of the search results. It seems like it should work. But after it is applied to the device I am still getting the not allowed message, sadly.

  4. Laura Maher

    Great post, great screenshots, so helpful. Thanks so much for posting this. Way more helpful and straightfoward than anything Samsung, Google or Microsoft had available.

  5. Marc

    Hi, thank you for the guide !

    It might not work with Android Corpo owned device with work profile it seems 🙁

  6. Alex

    for some reason i do not not see configuration settings while trying to enable samsung secure folder


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