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You might be wondering why you would want to use managed Apple ID instead of personal Apple ID. In this blog I will try to show the advantages and disadvantages of both Apple IDs. But let’s start with why you need an Apple id. An Apple ID is required to sign in to Apple services. For example to install apps or books from the App Store or sign in to iCloud. Currently there two types of apple accounts:

  • Personal Apple ID
  • Managed Apple ID

(Personal) Apple ID 

Apple IDs are created by the user. They can be created with any email account* the user has access to. The user can just browse to and create his/her own Apple ID. When you enroll a Apple device you will be asked to enter this ID. Most people will enter their Apple ID, resulting in possible company data may be backed up in iCloud.


  • User can create the account, management not needed.
  • Users can buy and install their own software, books
  • Applications can be installed by the user and MDM software.

Managed Apple ID

These IDs  are specifically meant for business purposes. Unlike personal Apple IDs the accounts can be managed by the IT department. The IDs are created in Apple Business Manager, this can be done by either federation or manual creation.  These Apple IDs can also be deactivated and deleted by an administrator. Also sharing outside of the company can be limited. When using a managed Apple ID on an iPad with a Shared iPad for Business profile. You should check this Apple page about differences in the use of a Managed Apple ID with or without a Shared iPad.

Important Features:

  • Accounts are created in Apple Business Manager.
  • Apple Accounts used for Business are managed by IT, instead of the user.
  • Software can only be assigned by MDM software.
  • By federating Apple Business Manager you can limit who can create an Apple Account with your Domain.

Differences Apple IDs

In this table you see all the differences between the Apple IDs described by Apple.

Services Personal Apple ID Managed Apple ID
Apple Pay V X
iCloud Mail V X
iCloud Family Sharing V X
iCloud Keychain V X (Limited Shared iPad)
App Store V X, only browsing
iTunes Store V X, only browsing
Apple Books V X, only browsing
Find My V X
Sidecar V X
Home V X, can’t add Homekit devices


It is important to understand you cannot always choose between the type of Apple ID you use. In some situations only one type of Apple ID is supported, where in other situations you can make the choice. For example, you can only use a Managed Apple ID when you use: User enrollment or a Shared Apple for Business profile.

Profile type Personal Apple ID Managed Apple ID
Device Enrollment V V
User Enrollment X V
Shared iPad for Business X V


When choosing the type of Apple ID you want to use, you need to keep in mind which profile types you are going to use. In addition, it is important to what extent you want to have control over what the user can and cannot do. For example, with a managed apple id you can determine which applications a user can install. However, this also means that the user cannot install any applications from the App store and all necessary apps must be assigned via Intune.

I hope you liked this blog about Managed Apple ID. Just leave a reply if you have questions or remarks about this post.

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