How to use Zebra StageNow XML with Intune

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In this blog, I’ll show you how to apply Zebra StageNow xml with Intune on a Zebra dedicated device. In this example I will used the data roaming settings. By default data roaming is disabled on the device. I would prefer to use one of the default Oemconfig settings, but on this moment (OEMConfig v10.5) this settings is not available using OEMConfig. Fortunately, there is another way to configure these settings. It is possible to apply StageNow XML files with the OEMConfig extension.



Create StageNow XML

StageNow is a program you can download from the Zebra website. It allows you to create configurations that can be scanned with barcodes, but you can also use it to create XML files to install with an MDM solution like Intune. This way you can use Stagenow with Intune.

1. Start StageNow and Create a new profile


2.  Select the MX version and press “Xpert Mode”


3. Enter a Profile Name and press “Start”


4. Select the option you want to configure. In this example I’m enabling dataroaming. Select the + sign to add the configuration. It will be added in the “Config” overview on the right. Press “Add” to configure the settings.


5. Configure the settings for eacht configuration added in the previous step. In this example I will only “Turn On” to enable Data Roaming. Press “Continue”


6. Press “Complete Profiles” to continue.


7. Press “Export form MDM” to create an XML file which can be used in Intune.


8. Save the xml file and open it with an editor. Copy the part beginning with <characteristic and ending </characteristic>. This will be used in Intune.


Apply StageNow XML using Intune

9. Create a new Configuration profile for Android. Select “Android Enterprise” and “Oemconfig”.


10. Enter a Name (1) and select the OEMConfig app “Zebra OEMConfig powered by MX” (2). Press “Next” to continue


11. Now you need to configure the OEMConfig settings by pressing “Configure”


12. Press on the Three dots (…) behind “Transaction Steps” and select “Add setting”.


13. In the list of configuration settings, search for “Device Administration Configuration” and press “Configure”.


14. In the “Device Administration Configuration” adjust the settings below and press “next”.

Action (1) Submit Xml
Submit Xml (2) Paste XML copied at step 8


15. If needed change the Scope tags and press “Next”


16. Assign the profile to an user or device group depending on which Enrollment profile is used on the device. In this example it’s applied to a corporate-owned dedicated Android device which does not have a primary user.


17 Review the settings on the “Review + create” page and press “Create” to finish the configuration.



18. Wait for the Configuration to be applied. This can be monitored in “Device Status” of the Device configuration profile.


19. If we check the data roaming setting again on the device, we see that Roaming is now Enabled.






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