About me

My name is Aad Lutgert and I work as a Senior Workpace consultant for Rawworks . My career started in 2001. One of my first jobs was to migrate Windows 95 computer to Windows 2000. My primary focus has always been End-user computing until a few years ago. About 5 years ago my focus moved to Microsoft Cloud solutions. I’m currently specialized in Azure (Azure Solutions Architect) and Microsoft 365 (Enterprise Administrator Expert. I’m also a Unifi enthousiast and I like to tinker to my Home Unifi Network and Synology in my spare time.

I started this blog in 2018 to share knowledge and to explain how to do things in an understandable way. I started by blogging about how to setup small VM lab setups to test features and functionality. Nowadays my main focus is Microsoft 365 Enterprise solutions. The money I earn with this website is used to support the hosting and licensing costs. The opinions on this blog are my own and not the views of my employer.

I’m open for questions and suggestions about posts, but because my time is limited I’m unfortunately not able to answer all questions and suggestions. You can follow me on twitter to keep updated about my latest posts and you can also connect to me on Linkedin.