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Secure and configure unmanaged devices (MAM-WE) 1/3

Using Intune you can secure and configure applications on unmanaged devices. This is called “Mobile application management without enrollment” (MAM-WE). In this blog I will show how to configure and… Read more »

How to edit the Intune Android Enterprise QR code

Update: System apps can now also be added with Intune more info:   In this blog I’m going to talk about the Intune Android Enterprise Enrollment QR code and… Read more »

Corporate-owned fully managed user devices (COBO) with Intune

In this Blogpost I will explain which steps to perform to configure an Android device as a Corporate-owned fully managed user devices (COBO) with Intune. This type is also known… Read more »

Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment with Intune

Using Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment you can automatically enroll devices (Samsung only) into Intune. New Samsung devices which are bought at a participating reseller, can be automatically enrolled in your… Read more »

Enroll an Android Enterprise device in Intune using a token or QR code

In this blog I will explain how to enroll an Android Enterprise in Intune using a token or QR code. Before you can test your Corporate-owned enrollment profile like dedicated,… Read more »

Manage Android devices with Intune

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  Updated 20-07: Updated information Corporate-owned devices with work profile in public preview. At this moment you can use Intune to support, enroll and manage Android devices in multiple management… Read more »

Enrollment restrictions in Intune

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In this blogpost I will show how you can restrict the self-enrollment of devices in Azure AD/Intune. With enrollment policies it’s possible to restrict the enrollment of corporate/personal devices. By… Read more »