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Autopilot Lab Part 5/5 – Deploy VM with Autopilot

Previous – Autopilot Part 4 – Add VM to Intune 1. Configure the correct Region and press “Yes”     2. Select the Keyboard Layout you are using and presss “Yes”      3. Press “Skip” to continue.     4. Enter your emailadres and press “Next”.     5. Enter your Password and press […]

Autopilot Lab Part 4/5 – Add VM to Intune

Previous – Autopilot Lab Part 3 – Create Autopilot Deployment Profile  1. Run Powershell as Administrator     2. Type the following to capture the VM Hardware ID: md c:\HWIDSet-Location c:\HWIDSet-ExecutionPolicy UnrestrictedInstall-Script -Name Get-WindowsAutopilotInfoGet-WindowsAutopilotInfo.ps1 -OutputFile AutopilotHWID.csv     3. The VM hardware ID will be generated in a CSV file on the following location. “c:\HWID\AutopilotHWID.csv”  […]

Autopilot Lab Part 3/5 – Create Autopilot Deployment Profile

Previous – Autopilot Lab Part 2 – Prepare the VM 1. Login to the Azure portal. Select “All Services” -> enter “Intune” -> select “Intune”   2.  Select “Device enrollment”   3. Select “Windows enrollment” -> “Deployment Profiles”.   4. Select “Create Profile”   5. Enter a name for the deployment profile, select “Azure AD joined” […]

Autopilot Lab Part 2/5 – Prepare the VM

Previous – Autopilot Lab Part 1 – Setup Hyper-V host and VM   1. Configure the correct Language Settings and press “Next”   2.  Press “Install Now”   3. Select “I don’t have a product key” or enter a product key and press “Next”.     4. Select “Windows 10 Pro” and press “Next”   […]

Company Branding – Microsoft Sign-In Page

Everytime you access a Microsoft product like Azure or Office365 you will see the Microsoft Sign-in page. It represents the portal to your Company, so it’s obvious to make it recognizable like all other company assets. In this blog I will show how easy it is.

How to remove apps from Microsoft Store for Business (Intune)

Every environment needs some cleanup after a while. In the Microsoft Store for Business there will be applications which aren’t used anymore or added by accident. In this post I will show how to remove the app from the Store for Business. If you synchronise your Store for Business with Intune, the synchronised Intune apps […]