Lift & shift servers to Azure with the Azure Migrate

In July 2019 the (Current Version) of Azure Migrate was released. In the previous version only assessment of on-premises VMware VMs was supported, in the current release support has been… Read more »

Setup Server 2019 Enterprise CA 5/5: Deploy Policy Templates

Previous: Setup Group Policy   After Setting up an Enterprise CA some Certificate policies are available without additional configuration. In this post I will demonstrate how to add Certificate Template… Read more »

Setup Server 2019 Enterprise CA 4/5: Setup Group Policy

Previous: Subordinate CA Updated 11-12-2020: Updated filepath step 8 . The CA Servers are now configured. Now the domain computers/servers need to trust the certificates which are created by the… Read more »

Setup Server 2019 Enterprise CA 3/5: Subordinate CA

Previous: Offline Root CA Updated 11-12-2020: Added missing role service “Basic Authentication” step 14. With the Offline Root CA completed, we can now setup of the Subordinate CA server. This… Read more »

Setup Server 2019 Enterprise CA 2/5: Offline Root CA

Previous: Overview Updated 06-08-2020: Fixed typo CAPolicy.inf and removed incorrect screenshot. The Setup will start with the Offline Root CA server. This server will only be used to authorize the… Read more »