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Deploying private apps on Android Enterprise (Part 3/3)

In the previous post we used the managed Google Play store to deploy a private app. In this blog post, we use Google play console and Intune to update the… Read more »

Configure Corporate-owned dedicated device with Intune (part 1/3)

In this blog I will show how to configure a Corporate-owned dedicated device profile with Intune. The blog consists of several parts in which I show the configuration process in… Read more »

Move from device administrator to Android Enterprise

Since the release of Android 9, Google encourages administrators to move from device administrator to Android Enterprise to manage Android devices. Since Android 10 and later, support for device administrator… Read more »

Personal-owned work profile (BYOD) with Intune

With Intune, there are several ways to deliver enterprise applications and information to users. One of these options is Personal-owned work profile. In one of my previous blogs I showed… Read more »